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    Every kid deserves a childhood, but not every kid gets one. Childhood illness and injury prevent so many of Mississippi’s kids from experiencing the joys of childhood, be that going to school, dance recitals, little league games, playing on the playground, and more; but here at RebelTHON, we dance for more. We dance for a future without childhood illness, and every day we get closer to that future becoming a reality.


    Mississippi's only Children's Hospital is a seven-floor, 250-bed facility where more

    than 150,000 children come from all of the state's 82 counties for treatment.


    Check out the incredible $180 million, life-altering plans for Batson’s facility renovations, which our 2024 and 2024 Dance Marathon fundraising total will benefit.

    See the Renovations


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    Meet the Team


    Click through the calendar to see some of the exciting things we have going on!

    For more information about these events, find our full calendar at the button below.

    RebelTHON Calendar


    Read stories and testimonies from our Executive Branch, Board of Directors, UM Staff, and others involved with RebelTHON.

    Read Here
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